Rec Team, Comp Team, Class Membership Packages

HOw does it WOrk?

We have our classes and teams separated by levels.

Levels 1-3 are designated for Rec.-Team and classes.

Level 4 is a qualifier for our Pre-Team

Level 5 is a qualifier for our Intermediate Team

Level 6+ is a qualifer for our Advanced Team

Level Guide Click Here

New to the sport, or a experienced ninja, we have a place for you!

Monthly Membership: $99-105 per month. (Depending on Locations)

Monthly Membership with One Year Commitment: Price Range $79 per month to $85 per month (Depending on Locations).

Individual MembershipS

Membership Perks:

  • Unlimited Open Gyms
  • Exclusive Classes for Members
  • 2 free Open Gym guest pass per month at your home gym
  • 10% off Merchandise
  • 20% off Birthday Parties & Summer Camps

For Membership inquiries:

Minnesota: 952-378-1285,

North Dakota: 701-232-6652,

Arizona: 480-508-1505,

Levels Testing &
Conquer Rec & Competitive Teams

Levels Testing!

The BEST way to track your progress as a Ninja is with Conquer Levels Testing!

Members are able to sign up and come in for levels testing, where they will run a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course, filled with obstacles of that level's difficulty.

These courses will test your speed, endurance, balance, and agility.

Levels range from 1-6 currently. Members can complete two levels during one testing day. Level 2 Ninjas, and above, are eligible to compete on our Conquer Teams!

Why Join Team Conquer?

  • You want expert individual instruction from our pro ninja coaches.
  • You or your child want to excel in one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Racing.
  • You or your child want to get in the best shape of your lives and have fun while doing it!
  • Ninja is a great full body/cross training workout for multi-sport athletes

Join Conquer Team!

Conquer Teams build strength, confidence, and comradery within a team environment. Our coaches encourage a positive attitude, hard work and a lot of fun. Feel success and accomplishment with the skills you learn. Rec. and Competitive Teams available. Join now to build character and long-lasting skills!

Join Conquer Team Today!

What's Included with Team

  • 2 Weekly 75 minute practice during the season with your team.
  • Intergym Competitions, competing against the other Conquer gym locations teams.
  • Free Levels testing during the season for team members.
  • Open gyms dedicated to Team Member training