Rec Team, Comp Team, Class Membership Packages

HOw does it WOrk?

We offer Classes,  Rec teams and Comp teams, each categorized by skill levels.

Levels 1-2 encompass our membership classes and rec team classes

Level 3 serves as a qualification stage for our pre-team

Level 4 is a qualifier for our Intermediate Team

Level 5+ is a qualifier for our Advanced Team

Assessing your ninjas skill level will help us determine the most suitable placement for them. Our goal is to ensure they are neither bored due to tasks being too easy nor discouraged by challenges that are too difficult."

Monthly Membership: $99-105 per month. (Depending on Locations)

Monthly Membership with One Year Commitment: Price Range $79 per month to $85 per month (Depending on Locations).

Individual MembershipS

Membership Perks:

  • Unlimited Open Gyms
  • Exclusive Classes for Members
  • 2 free Open Gym guest pass per month at your home gym
  • 10% off Merchandise
  • 20% off Birthday Parties & Summer Camps

For Membership inquiries:

Minnesota: 952-378-1285,

North Dakota: 701-232-6652,

Arizona: 480-508-1505,

Levels Testing &
Conquer Rec & Competitive Teams

New to the sport of Ninja?

We recommend starting with either our membership class or rec team. Both options align with the same skill levels, providing excellent entry points into the world of ninja activities.

Whats the difference between rec team and membership classes?

The key distinction lies in whether your ninja is inclined towards competition or competitiveness. If so, a Rec Team would be the ideal choice.

For those seeking to master obstacles in a structured environment without the pressure of competition, membership classes are the perfect fit. Both options cater to beginners, offering a solid foundation—it ultimately depends on your specific goals."

Why Join Team Conquer?

  • You want expert individual instruction from our pro ninja coaches.
  • You or your child want to excel in one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Racing.
  • You or your child want to get in the best shape of your lives and have fun while doing it!
  • Ninja is a great full body/cross training workout for multi-sport athletes

Join Conquer Team!

Conquer Teams build strength, confidence, and comradery within a team environment. Our coaches encourage a positive attitude, hard work and a lot of fun. Feel success and accomplishment with the skills you learn. Rec. and Competitive Teams available. Join now to build character and long-lasting skills!

Join Conquer Team Today!

What's Included with Team

  • 1-2 Weekly 75 minute practice during the season with your team.
  • Intergym Competitions, competing against the other Conquer gym locations teams.
  • Free Levels testing during the season for team members.
  • Open gyms dedicated to Team Member training