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Eden Prairie




Fargo - Coming soon

Levels Testing is about every 6 weeks at all of our gyms.

Current level courses are posted at each gym. Each gym has different obstacles for levels testing, so make sure to check them out beforehand!

Check the Events page for the next levels testing date

Levels Testing is $20 per session. Two levels can be completed per session.

Levels Testing is Free for Conquer Team members during their signed up season.

Conquer Gym Team Seasons


Sept 16th - Jan 25th

Ages 6-17: $70/month or $250/season

Coaching provided at all Conquer competitions listed plus additional local ninja competitions during the season as they’re added.

Ages 18+: $25/month or $80/season

Coaching is not provided at competitions.

Why Join Team Conquer?

  • You want expert individual instruction from our pro ninja coaches in a 1 on 1 and small group setting.
  • You or your child want to excel in one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Racing.
  • You or your child want to get in the best shape of your lives and have fun while doing it!

The Perks

  1. Weekly practices only for Team Members, where the Coaches will work on individual skill development, strength and conditioning, mental training, and team building. Gym Team Members can go to ANY Gym Team Practices, not just the gym they qualified at. (Pre-registration required for other gym practices, limited spots for other gym team members).
  2. Individual Skill Testing with a Skill Report Card each month that details each athlete's strengths, weaknesses, and progress.
  3. Coaching at Local Competitions.
  4. FREE Monthly Inter-Gym Competitions where each gym's Team competes for the Traveling Conquer Championship Trophy and individuals earn the chance to be on the coveted Conquer Pro Team.
  5. Team and Individual Photo.
  6. FREE Levels Testing.
  7. Exclusive Conquer Team apparel.
  8. Social Media shout outs.