Frequently Asked Questions

How many does the party include?

10 total, the Birthday Child and 9 friends. Additional guests can be added on for an additional fee.

How many kids can we have?

20-30 kids, depending on location.

Can I fill out the waiver for someone else's child?

No. A parent or guardian needs to sign the electronic waiver.

Is there a printed waiver available?

No, all waivers need to be completed online.

Why don't I just sign up for Open Gym Spots instead of having a "party?"

The benefit of purchasing one of our party packages include, 

1) Parties have a ninja coach to instruct your group on how to use the obstacles and run the party so you don’t have to. Open gyms do not have coaches available.

2) Parties have timed Obstacle Courses just like on the show, American Ninja Warrior. Open gyms are designed for playing on your own.

3) Birthday party packages have better times available. Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 5pm.  Open gyms are usually set outside of these times on the weekends.

4) We love birthday parties and make a big deal out of it!  Parties have a birthday party feel where open gyms are designed for open play time.  Still fun, but a different feel.

5) All of our parties get exclusive access to the gym currently, so it's just you and your group on the obstacles at a time!