How Much do Summer Camps Cost?

May 25, 2020

Summer season is around the corner; it brings so many activities for everyone like beaching trips, walking along the shore, and of course, camping. Summer camps are a fun activity for children that can also teach them specific skills.

So, what is the cost of sending your child to a summer camp? Well, summer camp costs can vary substantially. The price of summer camps can range anywhere between $60 and $2,500 per week. The price of a summer camp depends on many factors, such as

·      Camping Dates

·      Length of the summer camp

·      Amenities

·      Overnights

·      General /specific

Let us have a look at the cost of a few summer camps and what factors you must consider.

Overnight Summer Camps

Overnight summer camps can be as affordable as costing only $300 per week or as expensive as to cost you $2,500 per week. The price varies depending on the amenities the camp is offering, staff, and what the experience will be like for your child.

For instance, some summer camps are Horse camps. They have less overhead costs to run, but this type of summer camp is specific for horse lovers.

Meanwhile, Adventure camps with cabins, All-Terrain Vehicles(ATVs), ski boats, ropes course, multiple sports activities like American Ninja Warrior obstacles or climbing walls, etc. have high overhead costs. It can be a bit more expensive as these camps have many camp counselor specialists.

Things to Consider

·      Age of your child – Is he/she old enough to stay over night and form new friends comfortably?

·      Amenities the camp is offering

·      Camper to Counselor ration

·      Whether you want specialized or adventure camp

Day Summer Camps

The cost of day summer camp can range from $100-$1300 per week. Most of these are specific and offer activities like cardboard, sailing boats, and Ninja warrior. Community-led summer camps tend to be less expensive so that all residents can afford to send their children for camping.

Whereas, specialized summer camps are more expensive as they cater to children trying to improve a skill or get better at an activity. For instance, you may send your child to a camp to learn gymnastics, hockey or basketball for advanced training and skills. This can be more expensive.

Things to Consider

·      Is your child looking to have summer fun and some activity that keeps him/her busy for the day/week?

·      Does your child want to excel in a sports activity or academic skill?

Half-Day Summer Camps

The price of half-day summer camps can vary from $60 to $200per week. These summer camps are ideal for parents who want to disengage their children for some time so that they can do their chores, shop, relax or work. Half-day camps are usually more flexible, allowing you to come for a few days or all weekdays.

Overall Things to Consider

·      Does your child like camping?

·      Why does your child want to go for summer camp?Fun or sports/academic training?

·      What is your summer budget? Can you afford several day and half-day camps or one overnight week camp? Do the math.

·      What are the additional costs? Do you need to buy extra items for the summer camp?

·      When do summer camp registrations open? Plan ahead as a lot of camps fill up quickly

Final Word

Look at the reviews and testimonials of summer camps. Do not fall for the “fake news” or great marketing with terrible execution. Do some home work when looking for the best summer camps for your children.

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