5 Reasons to Train on Obstacles

June 13, 2022

Obstacle training has very much become the new workout trend that millennials and Gen Z are practicing nowadays. And despite it feeling more than fad than anything else, many benefits come with obstacle training.

Obstacle training, better known as Ninja Warrior Training, is where you go through an obstacle course in order to physically work different parts of the body. And even if you don’t like it as much, here are a few reasons why you should train on obstacles.

Reasons to Do Obstacle Training

1.     Improves Agility and Reflexes

One of the top reasons you should try obstacle course training is that it increases agility. You can learn how to better move your body to avoid certain obstacles, which improves your overall agility, regardless of the sport that you play.

Along with improving your agility, reacting to different terrains, and adjusting to them accordingly can greatly improve your reflexes. Better reflexes help in more than sports; they also improve your skills in various video games.

2.     Improves Coordination and Balance

With the help of obstacle training, you can also greatly improve your coordination and balance. With constantly shifting terrain, you’re always on your toes, trying to keep your balance. Simply keeping your balance will require you to improve coordination between every part of your body.

The different obstacles throughout the course mean that you will depend on your coordination and balance. With regular obstacle training, your coordination and balance will improve significantly.

3.     Great for Strength Training

There is a reason for the Military choosing obstacle training over any other type of training, and it is because there is plenty of strength training in obstacle courses. These obstacle courses are built with numerous monkey bars or climbing challenges that put your physical strength and endurance to the test.

These obstacles can really test your strength with the amount of scaling that you will be doing throughout the entire challenge.

4.     Great Cardiovascular Training

Another reason why you should train on an obstacle course is that it is great for your cardiovascular health. Simply put, with all of the running, climbing, and jumping you will be doing throughout the course, your cardiovascular strength will greatly increase. This increase in cardiovascular health, paired with the strength training, is a one-way ticket to becoming leaner and building more muscle.

5.     It’s fun      

Finally, a major reason you should try an obstacle course is that it’s fun. There is a lot of fun to be had with obstacle course training, as you go about the obstacle course jumping and climbing. Think of it as the floor-is-lava game that you would play as a child, just a little more intense with many more things to jump and climb towards.

In conclusion, obstacle course training is an incredible way to get in shape. Not only does it improve your core as well as upper and lower body strength, but it is also very fun, especially with friends.

At Conquer Ninja Gyms, Participants develop their ninja skills and strength by training on the obstacles.  Our classes are interactive and fun for everyone, while working on upper body strength, balance, and endurance.  Whether you’re training for fun, obstacle course races, Ninja Competitions, or just want to get lean and strong, our classes have you covered!