4 Tips to Getting on the show American Ninja Warrior

February 19, 2021

1. Train and practice well in advance!

2. Submit a 2 to 3 minute video of yourself

  • Introduce yourself with loads of energy,  excitement and personality! Be creative!
  • Tell something about YOU
  • Your reasons for being motivated to compete at this high level: a journey of hardship, a tale of what inspires you, reasons you are unique!
  • Your daytime job
  • Your involvement in your community. Tell what you do to help others and why do you do it.

3. Showcase your stamina for ninja athletic skills:  upper body strength, grip strength, and balance.

4. Create a near professional video with these tips.

  • Combine your story with your athletic capabilities.
  • Hold your cell phone horizontal.
  • Be sure the light source is bright and in front of you.
  • Check your audio setting before recording.
  • Edit to 2 to 3 minutes in length.  

Check out what training can do for you: https://youtu.be/7f_6axXV2Wk

The American Ninja Warrior reality TV show is growing more and more popular. The original Ninja Warrior, Sasuke, started in Japan in 1997 and has grown globally. What started out as an entertaining TV competition, has grown into a global, physically demanding sport.  In addition, more competitors have become involved through spin-off competitions like, Team Ninja Warrior, (Jennifer Tavernier, a Conquer Ninja Athlete, was part of the winning team during that first season)  College Ninja Warrior, and more recently, the popular American Ninja Warrior, Jr.

Whether you want to compete on the American Ninja Warrior show, or you want to get your child on the American Ninja Warrior, Jr. show, you will need plenty of ninja training. When preparing for the show you will want to work on your physical ninja skills and your entertainment skills. Many people can climb obstacles, and others can entertain, but you will need to conquer the obstacles and fascinate the audience at the same time!

Conquer Ninja Gyms has successfully trained more than 40 ninja warriors, adults and children, who have competed on the American Ninja Warrior shows. Our members and families build stamina and strengthen their skills in our classes, during open gym times and while enjoying birthday celebrations. At Conquer Ninja Gyms we have built our business around ninja warrior obstacles and entertainment. Conquer Ninja Gyms has you covered.

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