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Rec Team,Pre-Team and Competitive Team
Conquer Teams build strength, confidence, and comradery within a team environment. Our coaches encourage a positive attitude, hard work and a lot of fun. Feel success and accomplishment with the skills you learn.

Rec Team Levels 1-3, Pre-Team Level 4, & Competitive Teams Level 5+
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New to the Sport or a Experienced Ninja, we have a team for you!

Why Join Team Conquer?

  • You want expert individual instruction from our pro ninja coaches.
  • You or your child want to excel in one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Racing.
  • You or your child want to get in the best shape of your lives and have fun while doing it!
  • Ninja is a great full body/cross training workout for multi-sport athletes

What's Included with Team

  • 1-2 Weekly 75 minute practice during the season with your team.
  • Intergym Competitions, competing against the other Conquer gym locations teams.
  • Free Levels testing during the season for team members.
  • Unlimited open gyms for additional training to hone your ninja skills

New This Season - 'Ninja of the Year' Series Championship

Individual championship points will be awarded at all comps and a overall Series Champion will be crowned at Series Season End.

Points will be awarded as follows:
1st = 15 points; 2nd = 12 points; 3rd = 10 points; 4th = 9 points; 5th = 8 points; 6th = 7 points; 7th = 6 points; 8th = 5 points; 9th = 4 points; 10th = 3 points; 11th = 2 points; 12th+ = 1 point

2023/2024 Team Membership Series

At Conquer Ninja Gyms, our goal is to coach ninjas and make a positive impact on you and your ninja’s lives. Obstacle training is not just physically beneficial but can also improve on Integrity, Humility, Courage, Commitment, Perseverance, Wisdom and Growth.

Conquer Ninja doesn’t only offer ninja skills but also builds upon life skills, no matter your age. Become mentally and physically stronger while developing supportive relationships and new friends along the way.

Team Practices are designed and programed to progress your ninja skills. They are also designed to prepare ninjas for competitions:

How to run courses

How to prepare for comps, both physically and mentally

How to compete on the national stage

The Team class program is built around improving physically and mentally to continue to grow as a well rounded ninja. From taking in the knowledge at class, to committing to work on their skills in open gyms, and finally being prepared for competitions. Regardless of your individual skills and goals, you will improve and grow as a ninja and a person.

2023-2024 Team Membership will include:

- 1 Fall Intergym Season: September - December

  • One to Two 75 minute Team practices per week
  • 3 Intergym competitions and 1 Team Finals competition

- 1 Worlds Qualifying Season: January - February

  • One to Two 75 minute Team practices per week
  • Conquer coaches at local UNAA and NNL events and World Finals

- 1 Spring Intergym Season: March - June

  • One to Two 75 minute Team practices per week
  • 3 Intergym competitions and 1 Team Finals competition

- 1 Summer Intergym Season: June - August

  • One - Two 75 minute Team practices per week
  • 3 Fun Challenge competitions

- Unlimited Open Gyms at any location
- 2 open gym guest passes per month
- Membership discounts, including:
- 20% off summer camps
- 20% off birthday parties
- 10% off events and apparel

Interested in joining team? Please submit info at your location below, or call 952-378-1285 or email at

Youth Competition Team Signup

Interested in joining Pre-Team or Competitive Team? Submit your info at your location below and our coaches will reach out to you about the upcoming seasons! We look forward to having you on the team!

Conquer Rec Team!

Our Conquer Rec Team is designed for youth ages 6-13 of beginner to intermediate experience levels. In Rec Team we teach the sport of ninja and how competing works, as well as technique on beginner to intermediate level obstacles. This is a great way to start competing in ninja and work up towards Pre-Team and Competitive Team.

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